30 days in our Reverie Bed

August 14, 2018

Now that we’ve been sleeping in our Reverie bed for over 30 days, I wanted to share personally how the benefits have really impacted our overall lifestyle. As I shared with you guys before, I had spinal surgery for scoliosis when I was in my teens, so sleeping positions and the wrong pillow or mattress can really wreak havoc for me. I jumped at the chance to work with Reverie and try out one of their power beds that allows us to adjust our sleep positions and mattress cells separately—I like certain areas more soft while Todd prefers firm. Since we’ve been getting our shut eye in a Reverie bed I’ve noticed two major things.

The first, I don’t wake up feeling stiff like I used to and let me tell you that (overall) puts me in a better mood and makes me more productive during the day. The second, I roll around less. You know when you’re so comfortable and sleep so deeply you hardly move? That happens in this bed. We also had a chance to work with a Reverie Sleep Coach™. Sounds silly at first, but the tips they gave us were huge and shined light on some really simple changes we can make to our sleep routine that result in that ideal deep sleep.

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