Four (Holiday) Things I’m Doing With Elin

December 21, 2018

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing the magic of the holidays through a tiny human. This is Elin’s fourth Christmas and it’s been my favorite so far because she can partake in so much of the fun. She even agreed to saying hi to Santa for the first time (no tears!) a change from years past when she was was too scared to be 10 ft from him. Another new thing I noticed this year, her heightened excitement—a.k.a bouncing off the walls kind of energy. And with today being her last day of school I made a list of fun ways to keep her entertained and occupied. Leave me a comment below if you know of more! xx 


DIY Crowns

Elin is super into crowns and jewels. We got this kit once and she LOVED it. So I found this cute list of different DIY crowns to try. 


Gingerbread Decorating. 

A slam dunk for fun. Check out a gingerbread house decorating party we had last year for inspiration. We always load up on the Trader Joe’s gingerbread house kits (pictured). I always make extra frosting because we notoriously run out. 


DIY Pinecone Ornaments. 

Elin loves painting so I’m excited to this DIY with her. I have silver, white and gold paint, glitter paint (loose is way too messy), ribbons, bells and fake snow to play around with. At this age, she gets really into art projects and is so proud when we can display it, especially on the tree. 


Nature Scavenger Hunt

So much of the holidays is indoors, so just going outside for a walk can be the perfect change of scene for everyone. We’ve been going on “mini hikes” with Elin (more like a stroll) and a friend recommended I print out a nature scavenger hunt list of things she can find or collect to make it more interesting. I have three different ones on hand to try out! 

Here’s to making more holiday memories for some of the sweetest years (for them and us). Leave me any ideas you have for this time of year! Would love to hear what other mamas do. xx 

Photography by Sara Prince

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